Thursday, December 20, 2007


Cindy Visagie Sales Executive, SUTRA™ Magazine on the Matters of the Heart!
What is Love?

Is it the butterflies in the stomach? Is it the ‘I can’t wait to see you’ feeling?
We all have various ways of explaining what love is, and to each one of us, ours is the only truth about love. The way we tend to see things through our minds and hearts are sometimes completely different; this is because what the head wants is not always what the heart wants.

Many a time we caught up in a situation such as this and we never really know what to do, so we tend to settle for that little voice in our heads that tells us so compellingly the way forward. As an individual I see love as life’s perfect opportunity to a greater future, to have that special person by your side and to know that he will love you regardless of all your flaws.

The one person you can run to any time of day and never will he send you away cause in his eyes you mean the world to him and he wouldn’t change that for anything. Men and women are unique creatures created in the image of their maker; the way they take on everyday life, the way they feel about a person, their touch is soft, tender, caring and warm.

When walking hand in hand with your partner on the sea shore, we some sometimes tend to doodle in the wet sand, we draw hearts and write our names; in an instant the waves washes the words away, just as this happens we can lose our love. And this is the most heartrending feeling.

To love someone is to know that person, I don’t particularly believe in ‘love at first sight’, because to me you grow to know and care for you partner. This is the greatest love of all and should not be taken lightly because pure love is hard to find; and when you found your perfect match never let him go. When that right man comes you will be sure to have found your true love, as I have found mine.

- Cindy

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