Thursday, December 20, 2007


SUTRA MAGAZINE gives us healthy eating tips to keep in mind this summer.

Keep it lean – Cutting as much fat and cholesterol from your diet should be your number one priority. This will also allow you to direct your attention to the four food groups, a balanced diet is all important, says SUTRA.

Exercise regularly – When on a health diet, ensure that you exercise either thirty minutes before or after you eat. That way, you do not burn the food that you just ate, but rather your fat reserves in your body.

Take in more fiber – Some of the high fiber foods that one should include in ones diet are fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. High fiber diets assist in keeping you regular, and also lower your cholesterol.

Weight control is imperative when going on a health diet – maintaining an ideal weight is extremely important, it reduces many diseases and ailments and reduces the risk of heart related illness.

Drinks on the house – We will not say, ‘stop drinking!’ But what will be said is, reduce your consumption of alcoholic beverages in you drink more than two glasses a day. Excessive amounts of alcohol will can lead to destroyed livers and also even alcohol poisoning.

Drink water – According to SUTRA we all need to drink as much water as possible, especially if you are energetic and muscular, muscle contains substantially more water than fat, which is needed to lubricate joints, regulate body temperature, and replenish bodily fluids.

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