Thursday, December 20, 2007


With summer upon us, the warm African sun beckons us to the outdoors. And as typical South Africans, we can’t help but flock to our country’s enticing beaches. If we haven’t started already, we need to begin working on our fitness to ensure that we are in tip-top shape for a fun-filled holiday season!

SUTRA Magazine clarifies 7 myths to be wary of while we jog, stretch and tone our way to a perfect body this summer.

1. Exercise equipment is better than free weightsRather than buying equipment that will cost you over R5000 each, use barbells and dumbbells to build muscles and tone your upper body.

2. Sit – ups will flatten your stomachSit ups will work on your stomach muscles and tone them, but it cannot reduce the layer of fat that covers the abdominal muscles. A healthy, balanced diet is recommended for that.

3. It is best to work out in the morningsThis is true if you are an early riser, if not, a morning routine will not work for you! It is best to work out when you most feel energetic and then try to build an exercise regime around it.

4. Stretching prevents muscle painStretching is actually used to increase blood circulation.

5. Once you stop, muscle turns to fatMuscle and fat are completely different structures; hard muscle turns into soft muscle when you stop working out, NOT FAT.

6. A twenty minute jog will work wonders for beginnersRather, walk while you run. It is easier on your joints and tendons, and you are able to work out more intensely with periodic breaks.

7. You are bound to get hurtThrough careful exercise, injury is not unavoidable. In fact, the most common factor that causes one to stop exercising and that leads to injury is, over use.

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