Thursday, January 3, 2008

SUTRA ™ on Anxiety and Stress

The 21st century has brought with it the spread of advancement in every facet of our lives. With progression, basic needs have become secondary and this neurotic desire for improvement over shadows the ‘would be’ mediocre aspects of our lives -in particular, our mental wellbeing with regard to stress and anxiety has gained a greater importance. So how do we identify and cope with anxiety in a way that does not affect the way ahead? SUTRA™ takes a look…

We all experience anxiety in one way or another, almost everyday; and it rears its head during stressful or potentially stressful situations. The symptoms include but are not limited to muscular tension, heart rate elevation and fidgeting.

So, if anxiety is - to say the least – undesirable, why is it that we experience anxiety so regularly, and during significant situations?

Well, studies have shown that anxiety in reasonable quantity is good for us! The fact is, corporal and logical performance is motivated by anxiety, it fine tunes our reaction, allows us to think more clearly. This type of stress is known as “eu-stress”.

Contrarily, anxiety in excess creates the feeling of severe harm and stress, known as “dis-stress”. Anxiety may lead to panic attacks which surfaces with symptoms such as sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, the sensation of choking, abdominal stress, hot flushes, chest pain, and/or derealisation. Although one may feel as though he/she is about to die, panic attacks pose no real danger.

Social aspects contribute drastically to the frequency of anxiety. The fast paced and hectic lifestyles we lead leave little room for harmonization and balance, and so the likelihood of suffering a panic attack is heightened. Marriage, children, work and illness all readily add the occurrence of anxiety and panic attacks.

According to SUTRA™, “In order to cope with and minimize anxiety it is essential to create an effective work / life balance.” Yes, in this day and age, we all are working toward a common goal – the improvement of our lives and that of those who are closest to us. In order to do this efficiently, we need to ensure that all aspects of our being, - mental, physical and spiritual - are nourished; says SUTRA™.

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